Some heroes do not wear cape. They are on the farms, at their stores, in salons and other work spaces striving to provide for our every need thereby affording us a more comfortable life. These set of people have carried our matter on their heads. They innovate grand ideas and birth opportunities for other people. It’ll be 100% correct to say that they are underrated. I bring three of such amazing personalities today, and we will be talking about entrepreneurship.


Please introduce yourself

Adeniyi Adenuga is my name; I’m into aquaculture and livestock farming. We are located at Ijebu ode, Ogun state.

Why entrepreneurship? What drives you as an entrepreneur?

I didn’t venture into entrepreneurship because of unemployment. The rationale was different for me. I studied animal production from FUNAAB so the next logical thing was to set up a farm if I was going in line with what I studied. With the help of my parents I was able to kick start using the family resources that were available

Then expansion came.

What drives me as an entrepreneur? It’s the profit and also the responsibility. There’s also a feeling that ownership is everything.

How do you tackle difficulties, financial constraints and all?

Nothing is a smooth sail in life especially when you are in a country where you literally have to provide every factor of production. Furthermore, the absence of regulatory bodies makes it easier for every tom, dick and harry to venture into farming posing great dangers to the market.

The God factor cannot be overemphasized. As a farmer, I’m the nearest person that understands God because I understand the sense of creation. I put a seed into the ground, when it grows it becomes a crop. I rear a tiny fingerling and in 6 months, I may not be able to carry it.

I simply relate to God all my worries and fears.

What’s your biggest goal for your business?

 Being a top ranking employer of labour with high level of productivity.

 How do you cope with competition?

 Competitions cannot be avoided. I simply do my best to ensure I stand out.

Do you see your business outside the shores of Nigeria?

 Yes, definitely. Some of our products are being exported already. We hope for more opportunities to penetrate the foreign market.

 Tell us about risk taking, what’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

I’m very careful about taking risk. You can either win more, lose little, or lose all. For entrepreneurs, trying out something you haven’t done before is risk taking but if you don’t, you also wouldn’t know whether you’ll have better returns.

The greatest risk I’ve taken so far is crowd funding. It is easy to use your money and lose it because when you lose it, it’s still your money but getting money from other people. When you lose it, you’re still liable to it.

What personality traits strengthens your business

Perseverance and patience.

 What personality traits weaken your business?

Errr when I get frustrated, I struggle, I withdraw, I throw tantrums.

Would you sell your business for a billion?

Yes! That’s almost a hundred percent value of my business.

Business wise, I would sell but if I’m being sentimental, I would not sell.

Have there been times you’ve been tempted to give up? Gist us.

Yeah definitely especially during economic situations that directly affects the business for example the hike in the price of Petrol. I remember during a challenge, I started patronizing places I wouldn’t have patronized so I was getting wrong fingerlings and there was a disease outbreak. I lost massively, about seventy percent of all I invested.

Where do you see your business in the next decade?

I do a five year plan so hopefully in the next five years, I’ve expanded my business to double my current production and hopefully in another five years, I’m looking at exit strategy where I can exit the business and it can keep running.


Please introduce yourself

I’m Okoro Ugochi Stephanie, creative director of Demodahair and beauty.

Why entrepreneurship? What drives you as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship at first was a course of action to escape joining the never ending queue of jobless graduates in Nigeria and more importantly poverty.

My drive now is being a better brand, increasing my knowledge and perfecting my skills. I’m so driven by the thought of how great this brand can satisfy every single woman’s beauty need irrespective of social class.

How do you tackle difficulties, financial constraints and all?

I think very hard and make realistic plans to scale through. Different approach to tackle different problems.

What’s your biggest goal for your business?

Own a human hair wig factory, as well as go into human hair care production. Although I plan to have several businesses alongside

 How do you cope with competition?

I believe the sky is big enough for everyone to fly; I however try to make my products stand out and give my clients value for their money

Do you see your business outside the shores of Nigeria?

Absolutely! It has already gone out

Tell us about risk taking, what’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

 Importing really expensive luxury hairs without having a strong customer base

What personality trait strengthens your business?


What personality traits weakens your business

I really don’t know. Follow up I guess

Would you sell your business for a billion?


Has there been times you’ve been tempted to give up? Gist us.

Absolutely! When I audited my business after over 3 months and was shocked by how much revenue I had generated but my account wasn’t even reflecting quarter of it, it was weakening. And when sales really slow down, it’s discouraging.

Where do you see your business in the next decade?

A human hair wig factory. Several beauty lounge branches and an affiliate of a hair factory in China.


Please introduce yourself

My name is Adeniyi Oluwaseyi. I am the MD of NiyiRoyalz Consult and Farms, an Agricultural processing machine fabrication company based in Osogbo Osun State with a focus on design and fabrication of affordable agricultural processing equipment for small scale Agro processors and farmers at a considerable price.

We also have a food processing business that deals basically in honey production, processing, packaging and distribution. Our food business arm is also working on other food products like Garri and plantain flour production which we plan to launch this coming year. We also have other plans which we will not love to disclose for now.

Why entrepreneurship? What drives you as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship for me is a way of life “a means of expressing our passion for humanity” as well as solving our immediate societal challenges and not just a money making venture.  I got into entrepreneurship in order to contribute my quota to the growth and development of my immediate community, my country, as well as the world at large

How do u tackle difficulties, financial constraints and all?

 I have come to see difficulties as a process, a path to a higher height so all I do is to relax when ever faced with one while I weigh my options and possible solutions.

For financial constraints, I employ the power of leverage. I remember a time I had an order to supply about 500litres of honey. I neither had the honey nor the cash to purchase that quantity so all I did was to talk to the customer who gave me 50percent upfront. I also convinced  the supplier to accept a part payment while I got the product. After supplying I got the balance, paid the supplier and got my profit.

I also leverage on relationships especially if the money needed is not really much. Furthermore, I cut down budget and make do with what I have or pend the plan until I have enough to continue.

 What is your biggest goal for my business?

my biggest goal is to dominate the African market.

 How do you cope with competition? 

I don’t see them as threat, in short I see them as a base for growth because the market is so wide and we can all fully serve so having them around helps me leverage on their already established knowledge and expertise.

Do you see your business outside the shores of Nigeria?

Sure, I see my business dominating the African Agro processing Machine fabrication sphere.

Tell us about risk taking, what’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Risk taking is a must to succeed in business. Little risk little victory, large but calculated risk will earn your business a greater growth

Biggest risk I have taken thus far is taking a loan of over a million immediately after my NYSC without 100percent guarantee for success in the business I intend to invest in

Personality traits that strengthen your business?

Optimism and assertiveness

Traits that weaken my business?

Slow decision making

Would you sell your business for a billion?

 At this level, yes.

Has there been times you’ve been tempted to give up? Gist us.

 Few months back I was weighing my option either to drop my ambition and love for business in search of a job but I just couldn’t

Where do you see your business in the next decade?

Next decade?  I see us operating using the best technology available for our production and at the same time dominating the Nigerian market.

I sincerely appreciate the CEO of Tepebo farms, Demoda beauty and Niyiroyalz for granting this interview. I am positive that just as I have learnt, other entrepreneurs have also learnt a thing or two from your entrepreneurial journey. We wish you all the best and we are so rooting for you. Keep winning!

Are you an entrepreneur? What is your drive? Are you consistently slaying your goals? How has been your entrepreneurial journey? Tell me all about it in the comment section and feel free to drop a question for the interviewees if you have one.


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  1. Really encouraging. Entrepreneurship to the rescue of unemployment and repositioning in the new normal. Beautiful interview
    Thank you!

    1. I am glad you were encouraged by this. I see how you spread your wings for budding entrepreneurs to fly, your heart is made of gold ma’am.
      Thank you for stopping by😘😘

    1. You can say that again Eunice, entrepreneurship is no child’s play😃

      Thank you for stopping by and I love love love your bags. Eunnybelle to the world!

  2. Great as always 💃💃!

    Entrepreneurship isn’t a race of rice and beans o, it really takes hard work to build, grace and the breathe of the Almighty to stand unto the promisd land.

    Many thanks to Mojola and our heroes, I had a knowledgeable read!.
    More insight graciously,Amen.

  3. Nice one Jola. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak but for the strong and dedicated ones. Kudos to our entrepreneurs and to we that want to start and grow like them, the
    Lord is our strength 💪

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