Happy Birthday Mum

I thought to start this blog post by gushing about how my mum is the quintessential proverbs 31 woman but then, my mum knows next to nothing about selling linens or seeking wool and flax. I honestly think proverbs 31 needs a revision to perfectly describe my mama.

Sometime in 2002, my siblings and I were enrolled in praises peal primary school, it was close of school one day and it had begun to rain torrentially. Mum showed up in the rain looking much disheveled; her white lace dress had a coffee hue and she wasn’t her usual self. What we didn’t know was that mum became trepid  when the rain refused to subside and decided to enter the rain because she was scared that we would fall into the gutter on our way back. Unfortunately, she was the one who fell and almost got swept away by flood. My mum described how she survived that incident “a miracle”.

My mum is an excellent woman, an outstanding mother! I am sincerely not sure that I would pray to birth a child like me(my old version though, I am now born again) because I troubled my mum. Ah! I had crazy mood swings while growing up plus a first class stubborn nature. I was melodramatic, extremely lazy and naughty. I was a real dagbana choko but mama tamed me by the help of God. My mum never spared the rod as I was a regular recipient of floggings and abara; you know those kinda beating that would reset your brain in such a way that you’d just start praying to God to reveal your real mother to you.

This woman is the reason I still got legs. I remember when I had osteomyelitis and all hope was lost. She refused to back down and would constantly assure me that my leg would not be amputated. I still remember all our trips to Igbobi and how she slept outside because of me. she didn’t care that the hospital’s security personnel would chase her and some others  away from time to time, mum just wanted to be there for me always.

A close friend once asked me if I knew why people always want to help me. He told me it’s because of my mum. As funny as this may sound because I am a firm believer in the God factor, I reckon it is true. My mum is a marvel! She is a blessing to me and many others who have come in contact with her, my mum is a great giver. She is super generous to the point that I started to see it as her Achilles heel at some point.

Asides the physical ones she wears as an usher in church, my mum wears many hats; she is a teacher, counselor,nurse, cheerleader, advocate and prayer warrior. While we were growing up, we had this led light praying signage with the inscription “remember to pray“. That was mum’s inaudible reminder for us to pray before we slept after she must have uttered it severally.

My mum is an Anglican to the core, our amiable lockdown reverend;  the only thing that is remaining is a designated archdeaconry and cassock because my mum showed us Cameroon pepper on lockdown Sundays. I was worship leader and my brother doubled as drummer and backup singer. My mum had us doing procession and kneeling for communion in fact mum always dressed as though the service wasn’t holding in the living room. lol

My mum’s favorite phrase is “a place for everything and everything in its place“. I think I possess her sense of organization but please don’t tell my brother I said this.

 I remember sometime last year when I had to resume somewhere overly late and I was really afraid. She packed her bags and followed me o, I remember how she couldn’t sleep all night in my new apartment  because we weren’t used to night guards shooting at midnight, my mum kept praying and pleading the blood of Jesus while I slept unbothered. The next morning, she followed me to all the offices I needed to go and I was mocked mercilessly for “stressing my mum” by the staff there in fact my mum did my interview for me while I was busy running around to duplicate documents. We were done in record time and it was time for goodbyes. This twenty something years old geh stood by the road side and cried like a baby.

Dear mum, I write these words amidst yawniness and sleepiness so I know they do not really convey how much I feel about you. I love you with all of me mum, I love you so very much                                                                                                     

Phenomenal Nini, My evangelical and economical mummy,  my unflinching support system, my best friend and special sister, my only catfish rival, with each day I see more of you in me and I  feel so fortunate that you are my mother. Thank you for loving, teaching and grooming us mum, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us, thank you for being a model worthy of emulation to us, thank you for being our beacon of hope and light, thank you for being a shoulder to lean on at all times, thank you for not sparing the rod and spoiling the child, thank you for making me the lady that I am today mum; a lady who is strong and confident and unashamed to screw likability. A lady who is head over heels in love with Abba and who doesn’t joke with kingdom affairs; Very soon I will give you beautiful grand kids who will call you evangelical grandma, they will be children who are seasoned and sold out to Jesus and we will pass this baton of evangelism from generation to generation. I love you so much mummy

Happy birthday!    


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  1. This is undoubtedly a good write,though not enough to justify the strength of the kind of woman you portrayed from the beginning to the end of this write up. You sang her praise, you sang her amiable personality.. All I can tell you is you will be blessed too. Happy birthday to your mom too, she is well celebrated. The good Lord will bless her exceedingly, in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. This is so beautiful. See me blushing from beginning to the end. Thanks for sharing with us how wonderful mum is, Jah bless you jola. Happy birthday mum, load’s of blessings for you mum. Love you

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