Go Jola, it’s your birthday!

I love that birthdays come with lots of good wishes, goodies and, prayers from friends and families. It’s the day one feels like a celebrity seeing your pictures flood social media and reading all the nice stuff people have to say about you. More importantly, Birthdays are usually a time of reflection for me.

Today I’m pondering on all of my successes, triumphs, little and big wins during the course of the previous year. I’m thinking back to all the “God did this” moments, all the favors I enjoyed from friends and strangers, the intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that has so blossomed into a love affair, the ability to put smiles on the faces of people and for strength through some dark days. It honestly felt like God held my hand and walked with me throughout this previous year even though there were times that it didn’t seem like it and that’s why I decided to make this blog post because we’ve all been at that phase of our lives when we wanted something so badly and God says to wait!

So what happens when the word is wait?

I started out last year desiring something so much that I committed to periodic praying and fasting. Though I knew in my spirit that God had heard and answered but the physical manifestation was taking forever to come and I was growing impatient.  Something like it later showed up and I knew that I was meant to go back to the place of prayer to know if I was to welcome it or shove it off but I didn’t go back. I tried to assure myself that it was the answer to the prayer even though the doubts kept crawling it. I would pray to Abba occasionally about it. Well, not to hear what He had to say but for Him to just bless it because this daughter of His wasn’t ready to let go.

The manifestation of our prayer request is meant to make us happy right? I wasn’t completely happy; there was this void I couldn’t explain. I had doubts because I knew God was telling me to wait but I didn’t want to let go. Sheybi a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I completely forgot that when God says to leave the bird in hand, you can be confident that He’s going to make the entire bush and its inhabitants, your inheritance.

Abba spoke again through a verse of the bible I didn’t fully know at the time. I just kept hearing the first line of proverbs 14:12 in my spirit. There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of death.

This word came as both an instruction and a warning and I heard it so many times that my stubbornness gave way and I had to go back to the place of fellowship with God. I cried out my heart to God and I honestly felt at peace again so I waited because he says to wait. Recently I was having a chat with mum about this and I heard “I am proud of you” clearly but it wasn’t my mum who said it. My face lit up and shone with excitement because I love how the Holy Spirit throws in surprises from time to time.

Nobody likes to wait, we want action and results. We want to surmount challenges as quickly as possible and have answers to whatever puzzles our minds. We want to be able to harness our problem-solving skills and solve our problems before they whirl out of control. We will go the extra mile and try everything humanly possible to achieve what we want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this because most times we are truly deserving of the results we seek but what if God says “hey heir, I know you want this, and I have heard but wait for a little“. What do you do?

What do you do when it seems like everyone is going forward but you’re on the same spot? What do you do when all you want is a baby and you’ve fasted and prayed like Hannah but nothing to show instead, lots of Peninnahs constantly show up to mock you? What do you do when the prophecy over your life is that you’re a kingdom billionaire but all you have to give the poor is “God bless you”? What do you know you’re most qualified for the job but you still didn’t get it?

What do you do?

We need to understand that sometimes these things do not happen to us as a result of our village people or some other external factors; it is simply a waiting season for you. It means that God wants you chillax (chill+relax). People are at their waiting phase for different reasons, be sure to find out why God is keeping you at this phase and learn your lessons. For some, it may be to build their faith in Him, for some others it may be a different lesson entirely.

I am a fan of pastries and the whole baking process. How flour is transformed into edibles intrigues me a lot. The baker adds up all the ingredients which make up dough then he keeps stirring and pounding and molding till he gets his desired results. He then carts the dough into the oven but does not desert it, he keeps checking and brings it out when it is finally consumable. Has it ever occurred to you that our God is like a baker and the heat you feel now is a part of the process to announce you to the world and bring you to an expected end?

Don’t get tired of waiting on God, He has promised to renew your strength. No one else can have your best interest at heart like your heavenly father, not even your earthly parents so when God says to wait, trust him wholeheartedly and wait. You should be confident that God is working his purpose out and even if it doesn’t seem like it, you should constantly remind yourself that his ways are not our ways.

Years ago, I loved to sing a song so much whenever I’m sad and my mum didn’t like the song because she knew that I was in tears anytime the song played. I was cooking weeks ago and the song randomly played, I didn’t know when I started to laugh so hard at my naivety in those old times. I told myself there was no way I was ever going to sing that song again because the first two lines says that “sometimes I feel like giving up on God” which I now think doesn’t bear repeating. I can never give up on God. I am at that phase of my life that I know that no matter what happens to me, God is faithful. If I wake up tomorrow and I hear the saddest news ever, I’ll still know God as faithful.

In the middle of the struggle

God if you said it you’ll perform it

May not be how I want you to

But here’s what I’ll do

I’m gonna wait on you

I’ve tasted your goodness

I’ll trust in your promise

The lines above are a song by Maverick city that I recently added to my playlist. Your waiting season is not the period for you to write Lamentations chapter six rather it’s a phase where your heart should be full of gratitude and consumed with affections for God. It’s your season to unlearn, learn and grow. It won’t be easy but decide to cling to Christ and lean not on your own understanding, remember that out of the cocoon comes a beautiful butterfly. Be steadfast and patient enough and you would gladly say that it was worth the wait.

I love you very much,

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