My first love experience

Hello! Welcome on board. Grab a chair and quickly sit down before all the chairs are occupied. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o. Lol. Hope you came with enough snacks and drinks? The gist today is super lit. Yours truly and six amazing people shared our experiences about the first time cupid shot us an arrow. I had a swell time compiling this blog post, I’m sure you would too. Leggo!

She was a church member, I was the pastor’s son. I felt actual butterflies whenever she’s around. It got to a point both families knew and they all wanted the union but life had other plans. One Christmas she bought me an Air Max from her annual savings and I could hear her mum asking her where all her money went to which she replied that she used it to get a gift for the one she loves. She would make sandwiches for me every Sunday morning and I would take her home and make amala every Sunday after service.
I got a job and was paid weekly then, I collected a whole month’s pay and bought a particular wig she had always wanted.

She went to school and met someone else.

Till now, we still feel awkward when we meet, because I felt betrayed. She didn’t have the courage to tell me and I found out in a very funny way.
It was in 2013, I got admitted into UNIOSUN. She was already in part 2 at LAUTECH. She came home for Christmas and pleaded that I come over to her house after service as she really missed me. I wore a very fine suit and went, was even in her room, all through till around 7 pm. Then I realized time was going and I told her I wanted to leave so she walked me down the street.

She needed airtime so I got her a 200 MTN and then she called someone and was begging him for not calling since morning that a friend came over and she was seeing him off. So that one now said “him? ” and she replied, “yes, him and mind you he is just a friend”. I almost died of a heart attack. We didn’t say another word to each other. Around 1 am, I guess she couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t either. She called more than 3 times and I didn’t pick up so she sent a text that she’s sorry that she couldn’t tell me.

Mister O
I’ll try to keep this short and simple. My life has always been a calm one, I wasn’t the all “Saint” kind of human but to an extent, I was civil. I didn’t have a girlfriend all through my secondary school days. Don’t think I didn’t want to have o, I wasn’t just so lucky and didn’t intensively look for one. I had my first girlfriend when I was 20! Was in 200 Level and she was just leaving Secondary School. It felt like JACKPOT 😂😂 as I counted myself lucky that one time. Felt like “finally, I have a girlfriend.” Lol. Guess what, I cared for and about her like a child that was given birth to after long barrenness.

She looked up to me a lot. I was more like a “god” na. I was in year 2 and she hadn’t even written Jamb but all these didn’t even get into my head, I was just like a regular cool-headed guy.. I was sure I wasn’t naive, ṣebi I said I was 20 na, big boy! 😅. She, on the other hand, was a bit naive, decision makings were porous, I had to do a lot of schooling on what to and what not to do…a lot of stress, yeah? I didn’t mind, ṣebi I was in love.

I had just one dilemma, I will rush through it with few words: I always had a dream to get married at 28, I wasn’t sure I was even meant to be in a relationship because I wasn’t equally sure I could sustain a marriage bound relationship for 8 years… Long and short, the relationship broke later in 2009 due to a reason not related to and very far from my dilemma. She’s still in my good book, however; just for the records.

It will shock you to know I was the one who wrote “I beg to apply as your girlfriend” when I reflect back ehn…it’s the dumbest thing I have ever done
Till now, I’m even more ashamed. My application letter was rejected…haaa emi laye mi? Emi hot geh😂😂
Thank God it was junior secondary school days. It just ticked ‘puberty O’ clock’ for me and he was the first to catch my attention.
Honestly, shame hooked me as soon as the letter got rejected. That was when the veil was lifted off my eyes and I began to wonder why I went that far only to be rejected. I even sent my best friend at that time to deliver the letter. Imagine! I had a delivery girl sef😂

But something interesting happened.

Tables later turned in senior secondary school. He came back to ask me out and I did my own “operation reject back”. It was sweet revenge for me. First to do no dey pain😄
I was really pained then because it’s a fine boy that rejected me😂 The class crush!
I thought I was ugly that time sef 😂 but I grew up to be such a beaut after senior secondary school. As in, flesh in all the right places, I had to upgrade my shakara.
Till now the boy still wants me.
Just three days ago, he still came to ask if we could forget the childish rejection memories and pick up from where we stopped.
I have indeed forgotten about that very long time ago and life has a way of placing us in different levels, not to brag but the difference in levels won’t bring a solid balance and my ship has sailed.
That is the end of my story.

When I remember how I was with my first love, I make jest of myself…. like… really?? Oops!
He was in Ss 1G and I was in SS 1F. Our class was just demarcated by the stairs to the 2nd floor of Sheraton, The tallest building in my school then. We used to be close friends (you know that type of next-door neighbour kinda friend in a “face-me-I-slap-you” kind of house) and class disturbers. He used to have a gang then; Benue boys (Benue is a house in my school and since they were borders, they used it more ( I was a day student). Freshest guys in the whole of Sheraton.

The love started in Ss1 as freshers sef. Lol! The chemistry came through during orientation and clicked till like 8 months cause he left school😩 We were almost always together. If you steal David’s shirt, I’ll catch you ‘cause I’ll always know when the property is my bf’s…lmao.
I even missed classes because I was getting carried away.
And oh yea!!! He sings! I was the most beautiful girl, yea yea! we were tagged as the best couple in Sheraton for all the period of time we were together. We were just cool together. I was a gangster type of girl so I clicked so well with the guys. So….his guys were my guys. It was really difficult getting back on track after he left and I didn’t associate well with the others due to his absence. Funnily enough, I was a good girl. We only hugged, yunno that clap hug. Lmao. ‘Cause my mum warned me that if a guy touches my shoulder alone I’ll be pregnant. Tufiakwa! even with education and all, I still had that mentality o. The day he asked for the first kiss, I was so ready to die.😩

You know the kind of scenario when you’re in a relationship and you think you love the person, then you now meet another person and realize that you were not truly in love with the first person, because the second person’s love feels way different.
The story was quite unusual. I was a final year student, she was a 200L student. I was quite popular in school, in a way you could be reasonably categorized as a campus big boy. She, on the other hand, never wears makeup, goes to class in anything and whatever she feels comfortable in. Naturally, she’s the kind of person someone like me wasn’t supposed to be friends with or even date on campus. But I found myself falling head over heels for her.

When I first professed my love, even she didn’t believe it, she thought I was saying everything just to get under her skirt. At first, I would deny we were dating to my friend, but it got to a point that if I don’t see her for 6 hours my body no go settle, I’d literally be waiting in her room for her to return from class (as I no kuku dey go class). There was a particular time I travelled for a week and she fell ill, like seriously sick faa, funnily enough I came back and the next day she was up and about.
Those were actually the happiest moments I have ever been in a relationship. It took me over 5 years after we broke up for me to finally be able to date again. I would ask girls out and end up telling them about her and how much I care about her (this actually happened with like 3 different girls).

So I went to a new school when I was going to SS1, and I chose to do Food and Nutrition instead of Agric. Then I noticed that there was only one boy in our Food & nut class. Later I moved to Agric and then I noticed that there was no boy in the food & nut class again.
I really didn’t notice him sha.
Later on, we became friends, he was super cute, and what attracted me to him was his smile 😊. Mo ti fo fun already (I had already fallen for him) before I knew he was dating one of our classmates who was equally my friend
At some point sha, he started asking me out and I kept saying no for 2 reasons;
Because I promised my mum not to be in a relationship in secondary school. 😂 &
Because he was with my friend

It was hard o.
I liked a lot of things about him. We dated, las las but it was after secondary school, and we were together for about 3 years or so.
It was nice and fun while it lasted.


I was a part of that small sect who wanted to marry their first love so my first relationship kinda lasted longer than it should have. It was a transition from 2go to Facebook to Whatsapp. We would exchange mushy messages often and I loved that the messages were original and straight from our heart. (Do not date a writer if you do not want to be drunk in love) I still laugh so hard whenever I remember my short trip into poetry for him. People of God, Mojola wrote two stanzas for a man! I think I remember the first two lines;

“Hush! The solfas ascending, you’ll hear,
The rhythms of the heart, my dear”

If you laugh ehn, your data will disappear.

We were already planning married life and cute baby names. In fact, we had this matching name that would make a perfect wedding hashtag. For a moment, I thought it was a match made in heaven.

Have I told you he made the best pancakes? Our love was hot, as hot as 50°C, lol. I used to see his face in every guy then. He’s intelligent, cute, funny and an extroverted foodie; He loved plantain so much that a monkey couldn’t rival him.
I knew my mumu button was fully activated when I wrote his name on cardboard, carried it on my head to wish him a happy birthday and posted it on Zuckerberg’s Facebook, don’t mock me o, this love thing no dey make person think straight sometimes o, ask Ozo.
This guy never got angry at me. Not that I didn’t do any wrong in his eyes, but he preferred to bottle up to me and open up to his other friends. I hated that he was so insensitive. He hurt me in so many ways that I do not want to recollect and I think I did too. He hurt me, I hurt him, our butterflies died of starvation, we forgave each other and found peace for the ships we currently sail so equation iyaf balance. Praise the Lord!

Now that my respondents and I have gisted you, don’t forget to share your first love experience as well, God loves a cheerful sharer. Lol. Special shout out to everyone who featured on this blog post. I really do cherish you; thank you for obliging me. What’s that one thing you’ve heard about first love? Let’s continue the gist in the comment section.

Lots of love

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  3. Mojola of Life, awon poetry mama, slap me with your writings Mami.🤣.

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